Asteria needs a little help collecting stars for... stuff. A prototype for a starry mobile game and last minute submission to the Greek Mytholojam!

Click and drag the lil square dude over stars to collect them. Post screenshots of your highest score! You can view the original concept (and kind of play through it) here

This is the first game made by the Aendfriends - super cool and awesome friends who help me make games :> Asteria was made in less than a week (from the moment I said "Hey, you wanna do a game jam this week?" until "GUYS LOOK"), and we might have plans on taking it to the stars (or maybe not...)

Say hi!

Eshlie Alcantara - Just me being me and a producer I guess

Franz Galam - Game Designer

Kevin Israel - Artist

Thanh Nam Le Tran - Writer

Jovann Caperal - Composer & Music Producer

Made withUnity
TagsCasual, greek, mobile-game, stars